How I like to use notebooks

It feels like I can never have enough notebooks. One could avoid having too many notebooks by using the bullet journal system, but I found myself to be the happiest having several notebooks.

Right now I am using four notebooks, though I will soon have to stack up on 2-3 more. And if I really wanted to, I could buy even more! But let’s dive into what I use my notebooks for.

1. Sketchbook

The magenta notebook on the left is my sketchbook. It is the Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook with 180g/m² paper – thick enough to handle at least a little bit of copic markers and watercolor. I got this one in September 2016 and have been very diligently filling it – at least until January 2017, where I abruptly stopped sketching and drawing into it. Good reminder to myself to get back to it!

2. Journal

I mentioned the system of bullet journaling earlier in this post. While I do not use my blue Leuchtturm1917 notebook (dot grid) for legitimate bullet journaling I do like to fill it up with all kinds of pages you would normally find in a bullet journal. Examples are habit trackers, statistics, a page to track my fitness journey, and study logs. Simply said, I use this journal to keep track of different areas in my life in a creative way.

3. Calendar / To-Do lists

“The Masterplan”. When I saw this notebook in our local HEMA store I had to take it with me. I was actually looking for a proper agenda, when I realized that half of the year is already over and it would be kind of a waste to get one. The sole purpose of this notebook is to write down my to-do lists for the day. It’s small, neat, and uncomplicated. While you can definitely use apps for this I prefer the paper version – at least for now. Usually I write down my to-dos the evening before and take a look at them in the morning while I drink a cup of tea.

4. Brain dump

Phew, I do not even know how to describe this orange little notebook. I have this one since high school, so for at least 7 years. Therefore it is full with notes, little sketches and ideas. In a way it also serves as a tiny diary. While I do not write whole entries into it, I like to pin down some personal thoughts that I would not write into my other notebooks.

How about you?

Do you like to write down your thoughts and plans on paper or do you prefer to organize yourself digitally? Maybe you are not an organizer at all! I constantly look for ways to fill up my notebooks or fill my phone with apps, so feel free to inspire me!


  1. Irem K.

    2017-06-17 at 10:45 PM

    This blog post was so pleasant to read, I’ve got to say you sure have your way with words! Personally I like keeping notebooks as well, because I prefer writing it down as I’ve noticed I take things more serious and actually do them if I have a checklist 🙂 I use my notebook for story ideas or short story prompts since I write stories for a hobby! I also doodle in them when I’m bored and on the train for example… If I get any idea, I immediately reach for my notebook and write it down, otherwise I’ll forget the brilliant idea I have!!!
    Anywho, keep this up! I will definitely come back for more ^-^ can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

    1. Jacky

      2017-06-18 at 9:35 AM

      Aw, thank you so much! Even though I still feel a bit uncomfortable writing in English (funny enough, considering I wrote my whole bachelor’s thesis in English!)
      Notebooks are absolutely essential if you write stories! 😀 You never now when you get a great idea, so you better have something to write it down. If I was writing again I would do the same.
      And thank you so much for the support as always ♥

  2. Basti

    2017-06-17 at 10:47 PM

    First of all let me say that I love the design (and the logo) and please let the promise (that you made on twitter) come true “maybe new hobby” or something like that.

    I’ve got three notebooks. One is my diary but it’s empty. Nothing going in on my life. 😀 no. I chose to write everything about that in ia writer on my mac and iPhone and put it in my podcast. That may not be the best idea but I’m the “if you don’t share it, you won’t do it at all” type of guy I guess… and ever since I’m doing that it works more or less.

    The other one is a small (cheap and I don’t even know what it’s called) one. that’s supposed to be for expanses. It’s empty. So is my wallet. I never use it. The book. Not my wallet. 🙁 the third is an idea book. I drew myself in 8 bit art and the Rest is empty. Uhm… long story short: I should maybe think about using those books more often? Or at all…? 🙂

    Keep up the good work, I like what I’m seeing so far!

    1. Jacky

      2017-06-18 at 9:39 AM

      Thank you for the compliments! I am happy you like the design. As long as I find stuff to post about, I am sure, I can keep this up!
      I have to say, your comment made me laugh a lot. Considering you have quite some notebooks it might be a good idea indeed to start filling them up! It’s a good idea actually to have a notebook for your finances – I use an excel table for that actually, I can’t trust my own “math skills”. (“Skills” she said, haha!)
      Thank you again and hope to see you here more often!

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